Title: My Phone Genie
Client:Studio Solas for ITV / CITV
Role: Shooting Producer

My Phone Genie is a quirky kids comedy series for ITV / CITV / ZDF (Germany) about a girl who downloads a genie app that turns into an actual genie. It was shot in Studio Solas, Spiddal, Co. Galway with the cast being predominantly from the UK. Our brief was to follow the cast and crew for the last week of a six-month run of shooting and produce a series of videos including a full half-hour special and a number of cast-featurettes. This was a tremendous amount of fun to shoot with a lot of the quirkiness of the series and characters (and crew!) seeping into the Behind the Scenes. The results were multiple online videos with broadcast-potential.

Title: Croan Cottages
Client:Croan Cottages, Kilkenny
Role: Shooting Producer

Croan Cottages was one of those lovely jobs where you get to eat delicious food, sleep in super comfortable beds and shoot children, all in one day. It was also the ideal place to try out the new crane. They say you should always avoid shooting animals and children, well these videos are chockablock with both. Result was a 2′ 00″ and a 30″ version for YouTube & cottage website.

Yellow Brick_Tramp_Niall Sheerin
Title: The Hunt Production Stills
Client:Niall Sheerin
Role: Stills Photographer

The Hunt is a short film by writer / dir. Niall Sheerin. It’s currently in post-production stage and will be on the 2013 festival circuit. Yellow Brick Media provided on-set stills photography and publicity images. Niall Sheerin’s other short films can be seen here.

Title: Lightening Bird Wind River Man
Client:Associate Productions
Role: Editor, Camera Operators

Documentary and live recording currently in post-production at Yellow Brick Media, following musician Declan O’Rourke over a three year period during the recording of his 3rd studio album, culminating in his beautiful live performance at the Olympia Theatre in December 2011. Live show and separate documentary both currently in the hands of Enda J.

Yellow Brick_SciLens_Noise
Title: SciLens
Client:Diatribe Records
Role: Shooting Producer

$2 million Bluetooth sensors*, 300 hundred year old folk music, weird tether things, and collective musical orgasms. This was such an exciting project to work on, and such exciting people to work with. SciLens was a cross-continental collaboration between the nine incredible musicians of the Yurodny Ensemble, the Dublin Laptop Orchestra and world-leader in computer music, Dan Trueman. It was a marriage of science, tradition and music. We spent the week of their collaboration enthralled by the energy, innovation and pure talent of all involved.

Yellow Brick_TV
Title: Miscellaneous
Client:All National Broadcasters
Role: Multiple

When Enda & Áine aren’t working on producing and shooting Yellow Brick Media content they work as freelance telly people – Áine as a multi-camera operator for live sports, music and current affairs programmes, and Enda as everything else. Together they’ve worked on programmes for every major channel this side of the North Sea.