With smaller budgets and tighter deadlines, and the demand for online content growing at a ferocious pace, in-house video production is sometimes your only option.


Yellow Brick Media Training is intensive and thorough. Our courses are designed to give each trainee the confidence and skills to produce, shoot and edit their own video content, regardless of which camera or edit system is available to them. Courses range from half-day consultancies on improving current in-house videos to full weeklong on-location training which includes multiple simulations of client-specific video briefs. Once we chat about your goals and current skill levels, we build a course that goes from right from video concept, including technical skills of the camera and edit, all the way to video completion with online video compression and social media marketing.


If you would like to know more about our training services and would like to find out how we have helped key names in various sectors get the best from their in-house teams then please get in touch, we might even discuss it over coffee, and a cream bun.


Talk to Áine about your options

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Have a production team, magazine or newsroom that needs to start making content available online? Want to be able to update your business’ web video content regularly, feature a new product, or film client testimonials? We run courses in training small teams and individuals in how to produce, shoot and edit video content.