Áine O’Meara
Shooting Producer


Áine has always liked talking to strangers, but having a terrible memory, she finds that photography and film have been the best ways for her to remember an experience. She was brought up on National Geographics and picked up her first camera at 6 or 7. No one took a picture of it so she can’t quite remember when. Her first shoot for television was with a painter in his Tinahealy studio for RTÉ’s The Angelus in 2007. She’s since filmed in every county of Ireland, mainly in documentary, but also for live music, sporting events and studio-based programmes. She’s also filmed in the UK, Bosnia and Sri Lanka.


Enda O’Dowd
Producer / Editor


Enda O’Dowd has been working in television since 2007. He’s trained primarily as an editor but has also directed and shot documentaries for a number of broadcasters as well as being head editor on a daily TV series for RTÉ. He has also edited some top twenty music videos, along with award winning shorts. Having worked on documentaries across Europe and Africa, Enda went back to teaching camera and editing to 3rd level students in NUIM from 2009-2011. He’s also made zombie movies and is an avid darts fan.

Clients & Credits
Aine and Enda have worked with a very broad range of clients across various sectors from NGOs & SMEs to tourism, fashion & music clients. Broadcast credits include, amongst others, RTÉ, BBC, TV3, TG4, Sky, MTV, UTV, ITV and Setanta.